By: Jane Goorden

If a no-deal Brexit does happen, a large number of companies with headquarters in the UK will be looking for a new home. For many of these companies, the Amsterdam Zuidas financial district is an attractive option. Here’s why.

British companies are moving to the Netherlands

The Netherlands are an ideal fall-back option in the event of a no-deal Brexit, and many British companies have already made the move to Amsterdam. It’s seems like an obvious choice, not just for geographic reasons, but also because of the Netherlands’ attractive business climate, as well as the fact that the Dutch tend to speak fluent English. As the heart of the Dutch business world, Amsterdam’s Zuidas district is virtually impossible to ignore for legal, financial and consultancy professionals working in the Netherlands. So what happens in Zuidas?

Zuidas at a glance

Zuidas is also known as the Netherlands’ Financial Mile. It’s an international business district that is home to a large number of major corporations, including law firms, real-estate investors, banks and consultancy firms. Tech companies, too, are starting to see the benefits of a Zuidas headquarters. Over the past several years, the area has developed into a fully fledged city district, complete with cafés and restaurants, residential buildings, gyms, supermarkets and nurseries. And let’s not forget about all the bike shops – international as Zuidas may be, it’s still part of the Dutch capital.

Zuidas offers lots of opportunities

If you’re looking to do business with your industry’s big players from a conveniently located new headquarters, look no further than Zuidas. Being part of the Zuidas business community grants you access to a whole host of networking events – the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with potential business partners or suppliers. Just take a look at the Hello Zuidas events calendar. After relocating your company, expanding your network by including local partners makes smart business sense. They already know the lay of the land and have lots of knowledge and insights to offer. It’s a win-win!

An ideal spot

So what exactly makes Zuidas such an ideal spot? It’s located right on the capital’s ring road, providing easy access to lots of destinations. Schiphol Airport, for one, is just a five-minute train ride away – a big draw for anyone involved in international business. The seat of the Dutch government is in the city of The Hague and takes only 35 minutes to reach thanks to a direct train connection. The rest of the Netherlands is also within easy reach – it’s a fairly compact country, after all – either by car or public transport. Finally, Zuidas is within walking distance of the VU Amsterdam university campus, where you can go to learn Dutch, for example. Because even though you’ll get by fine with your English, it never hurts to know how to order a pint in the local language.

Relocating to the Netherlands?

Brexit Amsterdam offers translation services and training courses to help you make the transition as smoothly as possible: