Is your company relocating to Amsterdam as a result of Brexit? In this article, we explain why you’ll need high-quality Dutch translations.

Opportunities on the Dutch market

With Brexit looming, more and more UK-based companies are choosing to relocate their headquarters abroad. The Netherlands, and the Zuidas financial district in particular, are especially popular among these companies. Of course, relocating comes with a price tag, but it does open up the entire Dutch market. So instead of looking at your planned relocation as a necessary evil, try to see it as an investment in business opportunities in the Netherlands. And to get the biggest possible return on your investment, you need to be able to reach local businesses and consumers by addressing them in their own language. That’s where translators come in.

Intercultural communication

The Dutch have a good reputation when it comes to speaking English. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is a global city where lots of business is conducted in English. As a result, many Dutch professionals are used to speaking and reading English. Still, being able to address the Dutch in their own language will give you an edge over your competition.

Dutch texts

Dutch texts can help you bridge the language gap, no matter how small this may sometimes seem. Potential customers, for one, will appreciate being spoken to in their own language; it shows that you’re making an effort and that you take them seriously.

A professional translation

Using the services of an ISO-certified translation agency ensures that you make the best possible impression. All your translations will be written by native speakers with expert knowledge of your professional field. So whether it’s a contract, a quotation or a website, you can rest assured that you’ll get a high-quality translation – a text that’s not just correct, but that can also stand on its own and takes into account the cultural context of its target audience. And that’s how you reach potential customers.

Meticulous quality control

All professional translation agencies use second readers to ensure quality. These second readers are also known as revisors and they’re always native speakers of the source language: Brits who are thoroughly familiar with all the ins and outs of Brexit and who are aware of the consequences of Brexit for your texts. This revision process ensures that your translations take into account all the necessary nuances and cultural sensitivities, resulting in a text that your target audience would never recognise as a translation. When you use a professional translation agency, you can trust that your texts are in safe hands.

Relocating to the Netherlands?

Brexit Amsterdam offers translation services and training courses to help you make the transition as smoothly as possible: