By: Jane Goorden

Brexit will have major consequences for the city of Amsterdam. Hundreds of companies have already flocked to the capital of the Netherlands and the city of Amsterdam expects many more to follow. How will Brexit affect the Dutch capital? Where will your company settle? And what are the consequences of Brexit for Amsterdam in the short term?

Brexit: more than 2000 jobs added in Amsterdam

Brexit, the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, has already positively affected the Dutch economy and the Amsterdam business community. In the past year alone, 28 companies have moved their headquarters to the Netherlands, stating Brexit as the reason for this decision. Together, these companies have created 1937 new jobs in the Amsterdam region. These companies are expected to create hundreds or even thousands of new jobs in the coming years.

Mainly companies from the United Kingdom

Of the 28 companies that moved to the Netherlands due to Brexit, 22 have come from the United Kingdom. The most significant arrival to Amsterdam was the European Medicines Agency (EMA). EMA’s relocation has led to 900 direct jobs and 1500 indirect jobs, according to the Ministry of Health. The remaining six companies that state Brexit is the reason for moving to the Netherlands originally planned to relocate to the United Kingdom. One example is the Japanese bank Norinchukin.

BBC considers move to Amsterdam

The main British broadcasting corporation BBC is considering relocating its head offices to Amsterdam, following in the footsteps of Discovery and Netflix. The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) expects that another 250 companies are currently considering relocating to the Netherlands due to Brexit, which could potentially result in thousands of new jobs for the Netherlands and the Amsterdam region.

Amsterdam prepares for Brexit companies

Alderman Udo Kock of Amsterdam has implemented measures to prepare for the arrival of companies relocating to Amsterdam as a result of Brexit. Mr Kock has previously stated that it is vital that the capital and the government continue to invest in available office space, accessibility and international education.

Relocating to the Netherlands?

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