Brexit will have major consequences for legal provisions, which will affect contracts or agreements with your business contacts and clients. When you’re planning to move your business abroad, you will also need to have your documents and website texts translated into the local language, which is where we come in: no more Brexit concerns, get in touch with Taalcentrum-VU for all your language services to ensure a smooth and worry-free transition! Our translators know both Dutch and British law inside out and can provide you with professional, precise and error-free translations from and into both languages.

Translation agency specialising in legal translations

Get your professional legal translation from one of our Brexit Amsterdam legal eagles. Benefit from our expertise and obtain the services of top professionals who will handle your important documents with the greatest care. Our project coordinators, translators, revisors and everyone else involved in the translation process is at your service. Brexit Amsterdam is your partner for all of your Brexit-related translation needs. We provide excellent translations of documents ranging from contracts to terms and conditions of sale. We are also happy to provide certified (sworn) translations. We work exclusively with specialised translators with a legal background who are experts on the differences and similarities between the Dutch and British legal systems. These legal eagles also have an eye for subtle nuances.

30 years of experience in legal translations

Do you require a legal translation due to Brexit? Our legal translation agency has over 30 years of experience. In the past three decades, we have translated a plethora of legal documents ranging from employment contracts to agreements, from notarial deeds to terms and conditions of purchase and from notices of appeal to written summaries of oral arguments. Our project coordinators always ensure short turnaround times and achievable deadlines.

Legal translation agency, jargon specialists

There are differences in how the Dutch and the British markets operate, so it is likely that a lot will change for your company after Brexit. Linguistic assistance from an agency with translators who are both native speakers and experts in the field is not a luxury, it’s essential. We work exclusively with native speakers with years of experience in translation and expert knowledge of both the Dutch and British legal systems. Our specialists are comfortable interpreting and translating complex legal jargon. Our translation agency is ISO 17100 certified, which means our processes comply with strict quality requirements. The result? Top-quality translations produced by native speakers who are experts in their field. Their work is then thoroughly checked by our meticulous revisors and delivered in full and on time by our highly-organised project coordinators.

Do you require a certified legal translation?

Do you need to have your official documents translated after Brexit? Get in touch and we will find a suitable sworn translator for your specialised documents, including diplomas, certificates, judgements or notarial deeds. For your certified Brexit translation, we use sworn translators registered in the official Dutch Register of Sworn Interpreters and Translators (RBTV).

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VinkjeWe provide sworn translations also

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