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Business meeting holland

How do you greet each other at a business meeting in the Netherlands?

Every culture has its own customs for business meetings. What are these customs in the Netherlands? How should you greet a Dutch business partner?
Dutch culture

What are the most important cultural differences between your country and the Netherlands?

If you move to the Netherlands, you will find yourself in a new culture. What are the most important cultural differences between your own country and the Netherlands?
Dutch employees outspoken

Dutch employees are outspoken

If you choose to relocate your business to the Netherlands, you will probably have to deal with Dutch employees. How does their outspoken attitude express itself?
Dutch job interview

How do you conduct a job interview with a Dutch employee?

Job interviews in the Netherlands might be different from what you’re used to. Here’s what to keep in mind when interviewing Dutch job candidates.

Welcome to the borrel, the best way to meet new customers

Dutch borrels are a great way to meet new potential clients. But what is a borrel? How should you behave at them, and what are the do’s and don’ts?
Learning Dutch in the Netherlands

Learning Dutch in the Netherlands: not as easy as you might think

The Dutch tend to be fluent in English, which can make it difficult to learn Dutch while in the Netherlands. What are the obstacles you’ll encounter, and how should you navigate them?
Dutch a beginners guide

Doing business with the Dutch: a beginner’s guide

Dutch business culture has its own unique set of norms and customs. Follow our beginner’s guide to business negotiation in the Netherlands for guaranteed success.
Dutch directness

Beware of Dutch directness

The Dutch are known for their direct style of communication. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as you navigate Dutch culture.