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Zuidas business district

What’s a Zuidas?

A short introduction to Amsterdam’s Zuidas district. Which companies are located there, and what makes it such an ideal business location?

Brexit consequences

Trade consequences of a no-deal Brexit

A no-deal Brexit will have a major impact on both Great Britain and the Netherlands. Here, we list all the potential consequences.
No deal brexit

What does a no-deal Brexit mean?

What will a no-deal Brexit mean for British companies? What’s going to change? How should you prepare for a no-deal scenario?
Brexit, what and how

Brexit: the basics

What does Brexit entail, and when will it happen? And what direct consequences will Brexit have for the United Kingdom?
international english

Speaking English to Dutch people: British English versus international English

There are many differences between British English and International English. What are they? How do you communicate in English with the Dutch?
Relocate to amsterdam

Why relocate to Amsterdam after Brexit?

After Brexit, relocating your headquarters to the Netherlands could be your best option. What are the major advantages of Amsterdam as a location for your headquarters?
Brexit and amsterdam

So far, what does Brexit mean for the city of Amsterdam?

Brexit is looming. What effects has it already had on Amsterdam, and what will happen next?
Business meeting holland

How do you greet each other at a business meeting in the Netherlands?

Every culture has its own customs for business meetings. What are these customs in the Netherlands? How should you greet a Dutch business partner?
Dutch culture

What are the most important cultural differences between your country and the Netherlands?

If you move to the Netherlands, you will find yourself in a new culture. What are the most important cultural differences between your own country and the Netherlands?