By: Marc Wessels

What is the Dutch capital doing to prepare for Brexit? That’s a difficult question to answer, first and foremost because nobody is quite sure what to prepare for. Because so much still remains unclear about what Brexit will entail, neither the Amsterdam municipal government nor the business community knows what the consequences will be exactly. Even so, there are a number of certainties. Moreover, if you wait to start preparing until there is complete certainty about what’s going to happen, you’ll be too late. This means that some of the consequences of Brexit are already being felt in various Dutch cities. Below, we list three examples of the impact that Brexit is already having on Amsterdam:

1. More office space

One unavoidable consequence of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union is that there will be an increased demand for office space in EU member states. For many companies and organisations looking to relocate, Amsterdam is a top choice. A good example of this is the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which decided to move its headquarters to the Netherlands in 2017. To accommodate newcomers such as the EMA, new office space is being created in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district, transforming it into a fully fledged business quarter.

2. More job opportunities

Although the UK hasn’t officially said goodbye to the EU yet, the prospect of Brexit is already creating lots of new jobs. Real-estate agencies, law firms and local governments are struggling to handle the extra workload. And since this is just the beginning, things are expected to pick up even further, with lots of companies hiring extra staff in preparation of what’s to come.

3. More housing

Amsterdam is expecting a large influx of new residents – because when companies relocate, their staff relocate as well. But the Amsterdam property market is already overheated, so the city is trying to come up with creative solutions to the increasingly pressing housing problem. A large number of fully furnished apartments and studios is being made available to expats and various organisations are working together to create more living space.

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